Program Benefits

Forty-four percent of the nation’s youth do not graduate from high school on time with their 9th grade cohort. Additionally, more and more high school youth do not have a plan for life after high school. This trend is an economic development problem. Low graduation rates lead to a reduction in the workforce, which results in a reduction to the overall economic output of the community. Youth who do not finish high school are more likely to add to the community’s threats of poverty and crime. It is imperative for youth to receive work and life skills training, have successful experiences in a workplace setting and receive guidance from a Mentor to successfully transition to life after high school. Big Buddy, through the       Level-UP! Mentoring and Workforce Development Program provides these opportunities to youth in 9th – 12th grades to ensure they are on the path to a bright future.

Table Sponsors ensure that two youth have access to a Workplace Mentor, internship placement and workshops designed to teach valuable life and work skills during the 8-week summer internship program. Youth in the Level-UP! program earn a stipend and industry-recognized credentials and credits that promote on-time graduation.  



- Volunteer role for the Table Sponsor representative to speak to a group of Level-UP! scholars about careers available at their company.


Branding Opportunities

- Logo/Company name listed in the sponsor section of the weekly updates sent to parents and WorkPlace Mentors throughout the 2019/2020 program year; Distribution of 100+

- Company’s promotional items distributed at Parent Orientation (optional)

- Logo/Company name listed on sponsor signage at all weekly Tool Time sessions


Event Engagement

- Logo recognition on media screen

- 1 Table at the event (floor seating, 10 seats)

- 10 general admission tickets (balcony seating)


Media and Promotion

- Half-page black & white ad in official program book

- Logo recognition page of program book

- Logo on Dancing for Big Buddy website



- 30 votes for favorite Star Dancer

- Table signage for table at the event


Table Sponsor

Designate to Star Dancer

    Premium Seats


    Event Sponsor


    Table Sponsor


    Signature Sponsor