Program Benefits

The single, most effective practice used to make a difference in the life of a child is through a relationship formed between a caring adult and a child in need: mentoring. Studies show that behavior, attitudes and relationships improve when a young person has a Mentor. Mentors help youth to grow and close the social and/or economic opportunity gap. Mentoring is the core strategy utilized by Big Buddy to eliminate the community threats of poverty, crime and academic failure. Big Buddy follows the nationally-recognized Elements of Effective Mentoring Programs in practices related to recruiting, screening, training, matching and supporting the relationships to grow. Studies indicate the most successful matches meet for one year. Consistent contact leads to higher-quality mentoring relationships and increases the chances of positive changes in the mentee. Outcomes include: improved grades, increased likelihood of attending college, greater confidence about school, improved school attendance, and lowered chance of drug and alcohol use.

Event Sponsors will co-sponsor a month of Big Buddy/Little Buddy activities designed to strengthen the match relationships of more than 70 matches. Match activities include community-wide weekend excursions, after-hours special events,         out-of-school time visits and holiday break sessions. 



- Volunteer role for Event Sponsor representative to serve on the event planning committee


Branding Opportunities

- Logo/company name on monthly Mentoring newsletter, which provides the listing of the activities for the month and recaps the activities of the prior month; newsletters are distributed via email/mail to the homes of the parents and the Mentors; Distribution of 150+

- Recognition at Mentoring in Real Life Awards (January 2020)

- Feature story in Mentoring newsletter (month determined by sponsor)

- Company’s promotional items distributed at Match Ceremony (optional)


Event Engagement

- Promotional items distributed to Star Dancers and Professional Partners (optional)

- Logo recognition on media screen

- 1 VIP Table at the event (premier seating, 10 seats)

- 25 general admission tickets (balcony seating)


Media and Promotion

- Logo and listing as a Event Sponsor in all TV, print and social media, as directed by Big Buddy

- Half-page color ad in official program book

- Logo recognition page of program book

- Logo on Dancing for Big Buddy website with company link



- 50 votes for favorite Star Dancer

- 2 Line-up Party Invitations

- Table signage for VIP table at the event



Event Sponsor

Designate to Star Dancer

    Premium Seats


    Event Sponsor


    Table Sponsor


    Signature Sponsor